Project Launch: McMaster IBEHS Program


“Healthcare challenges are one of the biggest problems facing today’s society”


McMaster University is transforming these healthcare challenges into new learning experiences. Bringing the Health Sciences and Engineering faculties together, into a hands-on, project based 5-year program – the new Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences Program.


“Biomedical problems are very complex. There is the human element and the technological element and in order to solve these types of complex problems you need experts of many different areas of study and many different backgrounds, this program is going to produce such graduates.”  – Colin McDonald, Assistant Professor, McMaster University


McMaster has a world class reputation in both health sciences and engineering. Consistently ranked internationally among the top 40 universities in the world for medicine and health sciences and rated one of the top ten engineering schools in Canada. At Double Barrel, we were thrilled and honored to help McMaster launch this groundbreaking program, which is the first of its kind in Canada!


“Double Barrel helped bring our vision to life. The team’s creativity and diligent work resulted in a stellar product that helped raise the profile of our new Integrated Biomedical and Health Sciences Program.” – Monique Beech, Manager, Public Relations, Faculty of Engineering, McMaster University

Project Launch: Team Unbreakable – 30 Second Spot


Team Unbreakable is a therapeutic teen running group operating out of Hamilton, Ontario. Their goal is simple: to decrease anxiety and depression among our teen population by providing access to a proven mood-booster: exercise! Running has been proven to decrease depression and anxiety by suppressing stress hormones, while boosting feel-good hormones like endorphins.


The Hamilton Family Health Team is looking to add to its roster of runners and volunteers for this program, and would like to spread the message to #HamOnt teens. If you or anyone you know would benefit from either volunteering or running with this amazing organization please reach out!


We are proud to say that this piece will be screening in clinics across the City of Hamilton. Thanks to the Hamilton Family Health Team for involving us in such a great project!


**This piece is an accessible, shortened and animated version of the longer three minute promotional video we produced back in 2016.**

Project Launch: City of Hamilton West Harbour Redevelopment Video


“The West Harbour is what first attracted the world to our shores, but we’ve come a long way since then. Introducing the next chapter of the Hamilton West Harbour story!”

We were thrilled to collaborate with the City of Hamilton on this video project, bringing their vision of the West Harbour’s future to life through the power of animation! This $140 million dollar redevelopment project will create a vibrant hub for community and more useable waterfront space for Hamiltonians.

Project Launch: City of Hamilton: BLAST Network


Double Barrel is a firm advocate for #LRT in Hamilton, so when city staff asked us to create a video bringing their BLAST Network vision to life, we were thrilled to be involved. By 2041, 780,000 people will call Hamilton home. And as a city, we need a transit infrastructure that will support this booming population.

Let’s remember what the future of transit will look like when the BLAST Network becomes a reality.

The Production Diaries: PA vs. PM


by: Clayton Burns

People often ask me “Oh, so you’re in media? What exactly do you do?” To be honest, there is no simple answer. Every single day is different, and that’s what makes it so incredible!

That being said, my standard, straightforward reply is that I’m a Production Manager. But it’s very hard to explain my position to somebody who has never worked a day in the media industry. My mother just assumes that a career in media means that I came out of college with every manual for every home electronic device completely memorized. I should know how to hook up her VCR to her television and through the surround sound, because I went to school for media.

On a serious note – the great thing about a career in the media is that you have so much to choose from. Personally, I’m not much of a technical person. I’m not an editor, I’m not a camera operator, I’m not a sound mixer nor am I a professional at hooking up my mom’s Blu-Ray player. I am however, a creative. I like to tell stories, I like to produce and direct. I’m extremely detail oriented and organized. I knew that I was different while I was going through college, I knew that I did not want to end up in a stuffy newsroom pressing buttons. I wanted to be where the action was, I wanted to be out telling people’s stories and creating. I wanted to be working on stages and giant film sets. Up close and personal with the production itself.

I began my climb toward Production Manager (PM) the way most people do – as a production assistant. I had much to learn, so I began applying wherever I possibly could. I learned something very quickly – big production houses love taking on production assistants (PA’s) as interns. Basically it’s an entry level position and your job description includes absolutely everything and anything. One minute you’re taping extension cords to the floor and the next minute you’re testing out challenges in the Big Brother Canada mansion. I PA’d wherever I could whenever I could for a solid 3 years. Working for massive Canadian productions like television series, feature films, commercials, reality TV and award shows! I went from job shadowing to wrangling A-list celebrities down the red carpet.


From massive scripted television shows to small business profiles or ads, production assisting is a huge job and without PA’s, these productions would not be possible. We’re the soldiers on the front line and it always takes an army to pull a project off. Production assisting can take many different forms – from administrative desk duties and paperwork to audience control, wrangling, wardrobe, set control, or even fetching coffee!

The goal of course is to eventually become a production manager, coordinator or just simply a producer/director and to hang up your PA hat for good. I’ve been lucky enough to sit in the Production Manager chair for over a year now and the job is quite different. It’s much more responsibility and much more attention to detail. You can be juggling dozens of projects and dozens of clients at once and you are constantly doing bookings, meetings, phone calls, filing and keeping everyone including yourself on track. There is always a production schedule to be followed and it’s your job to make sure that everything is going according to plan. It’s about putting together call sheets, scheduling, client management, locations management, assistant directing, scripting, props and wardrobe and following through to make sure things are getting done.

When you’re a production assistant, you feel like you couldn’t possibly take on any more responsibility, but in reality, the position is meant to prepare you for more. Sets are hectic, there are always fires to put out, but it definitely pays off. As a Production Manager I’ve been lucky enough to walk on many exciting sets, worked with some inspiring people and sometimes I get to wrangle actual animals! You learn so much, and you learn it quickly, and that’s exactly what makes the position so perfect.


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