Client Quote:
What a professional team! We shot the video over the course of a few days, and the Double Barrel team made it a smooth, fun and easy process for us.

We wanted return on investment for this project— we were hoping we'd get new customers interested in what we do after watching this video— but we didn't expect such a great response— we still have customers calling and emailing us letting us know they watched the video and it was the primary reason they bought our product. Amazing!
Dale Mugford, Co-Founder & President


Mini-Documentary & Animation

BraveNewCode is a Hamilton-based software company with a huge footprint in the WordPress world. Leading up to the launch of their highly anticipated product WPtouch Pro 3, the founders decided it was time to come out from behind the curtain and introduce themselves to the thousands of customers who for years had been using their products, but had no idea who was making them.

Double Barrel was excited to assist BraveNewCode in developing a documentary piece that showcased the company and its history. Over the course of 4 minutes and 40 seconds, BNC founders Duane and Dale share stories and insights into the process of turning a small WordPress mobile software plugin (WPtouch) into an internationally-acclaimed, 11 million download and 30,000 customer success story.


Technology is a tough sell at the best of times. Communique is often complex and heavily weighed down with overly scientific jargon. We decided to lead with the personal story of BraveNewCode, and let the launch of WPtouch Pro 3 simmer on the site in the background. For customers who were inclined to learn more about WPtouch Pro 3 after discovering the team, there was supplementary documentation and an accompanying 30 second animation on the BNC website.

By implementing a documentary style, the client was able to put a human face on what is so often a faceless industry. Introducing themselves as people first allows customers to identify with the team, which in turn increases loyalty.  BraveNewCode was clear on the tone of their messaging – they wanted a video that would reflect their commitment to their product and customers, while providing a glimpse into their friendly, relaxed corporate culture. Music choices were careful and deliberate. A combination of cello, piano and smooth jazz evoked exactly the tone we needed: intellectual, stylistic and smart but still fun and playful.  Filming on location in Hamilton-area coffee shops reflects the working style of its founders and also the way people interact with WPtouch – on the go, working in a pleasant environment where they are networking with people in real life as well as on the internet.


Project Date

January 2013

Video Length



Mini-Documentary & Animation



Target Audience

Existing & Prospective Customers, Press

Production Team

Roz Allen, Director/Writer
Lee Hillman, Sound Recordist
Victoria Fenner, Associate Producer
Tyler Tekatch, Director of Photography
Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay, Editor
Louis Wesolowsky, Graphics
Lee Skinner, Colour Correction
Krystal Victoria MUA, Makeup