Client Quote:
We had the pleasure of working with the team at Double Barrel, over the course of several months, in the development of a volunteer recruitment video aimed at our local tech community. To say that we were pleased with the outcome is an understatement. This team brings a welcomed level of excitement, curiosity, creativity, experience and professionalism which drives their innovation. Our team now has a marketing tool that can be shared and utilized in various outreach and recruitment initiatives by quickly and accurately painting a picture of our Hamilton Code Clubs program. If you are looking for a fresh take on a video project, I would highly recommend the team at Double Barrel.
Beth Gibson, Project Consultant, Industry-Education Council of Hamilton

Hamilton Code Clubs

Project Overview

Hamilton Code Clubs is a trail-blazing program that sees industry mentors introduce local youth to simple software computer programming, through a blend of interactive and hands-on training. The ultimate goal is to teach students to develop a love for the subject and begin integrating code into the classroom in a fun and engaging manner.

For many students, this introduction can open up career pathways and 21st-century learning skills.

With the tech industry in Canada expanding at a breakneck pace, Hamilton Code Clubs represents a critical link between the classroom and the real world, with mentors working to spark an interest in our youth and develop our next generation tech workforce.

At Double Barrel, we know the importance of a solid education in digital literacy for our youth. That’s why in 2015, we worked to create the #HamOnt Forever Digital Literacy fund, a Hamilton Community Foundation administered fund that will distribute grants over the next 15 years for digital literacy initiatives in the Hamilton area.

This year, we are proud to continue that legacy by providing an amazing organization like the Hamilton Code Club with this recruitment video free-of-charge, to inspire the tech community to continue to grow and help ensure that kids are realizing the amazing career opportunities around coding at a young age.

If you’re in the software industry and keen to help out, you’re in luck! They’re in need of volunteers! If you’re interested in volunteering for Hamilton Code Clubs, contact experience@iechamilton.ca

Project Date

December 2017

Video Length

2 Minutes


Project Overview



Target Audience

Potential mentors & volunteers