McMaster Music & the Mind

Event Video

The McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind (MIMM) is an interdisciplinary group of researchers including psychologists, neuroscientists, music theorists, musicians, dancers, media artists, mathematicians, kinesiologists, health scientists, and engineers.

At the institute, scientists, researchers, and musicians study questions about the physical structure, evolution, neural processing, performance, and perception of music, dance and media arts. Specific questions concern how the auditory and motor systems interact to produce music, how performers synchronize with each other, how people encode and recognize music, and how groups in society are defined by the music they play.

Double Barrel Studios produced an event recap video for McMaster to archive, share and promote the group of researchers’ efforts.

Project Date

October 2014

Video Length



Full concert capture & recap event video


Online & archival

Target Audience

General public

Production Team

Lee Hillman, Producer
Tyler Tekatch, Director of Photography
Hive Studios, Sound Mixing
Rob Rush, Audio Consulting