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Client Quote:
We are so very grateful for all of your wonderful work on this video project. You were all so superb in investing in this project and in delivering the best quality results possible. You will be pleased to see the analytics on the social media ‘buzz’. It has really captured the hearts and minds of prospective students and of course all of us in McMaster Engineering.
Arlene Fajutrao Dosen, Manager, Strategic Recruitment and Enrolment

McMaster Engineering

30 Second Broadcast & Theatrical Release Commercial

Engineering is the invisible thread that holds so much of our day-to-day lives together. And when it comes to getting teens excited about a STEM career – it pays to reveal just a bit of the science behind their everyday experiences.

We set out in October of 2014 to create a 30 second broadcast commercial that did just that. Using skateboarding as our metaphor – and an extreme slow motion camera – we aimed to capture the forces of friction, momentum and gravity.

The end result is something we’re all so proud of​. Screened in theatres from Hamilton to Toronto (in IMAX no less!) and also in Calgary, we hear this piece is on its way to theatres in Hong Kong!

Many thanks to our amazing crew, as always. Shot in slow-mo by Ty Tekatch and Christoph Benfey, with animation assistance from Antenna Visual Communication. Edited by Taylor Heres. Starring skateboarding superstar Alishia Stevens. Many thanks to New Line Skateparks for allowing us to shoot at their construction site in Oshweken, Ontario!!

Project Date

August 2015

Video Length

30 Seconds




Broadcast, Web, Theatrical Release

Target Audience

Teens and parents

Production Team

Camera - Ty Tekatch & Christoph Benfey
Editing - Taylor Heres
Animation - Antenna Visual Communication
Director / Writer - Roz Mugford
Storyboard Artist - Sarah Caccamo
Skateboarder - Alicia Stevens
Lead Engineer - Alyssa Nedich
Engineer #2 - Dean Campbell