Client Quote:
Our experience with Double Barrel Studios has been an extremely positive one. From the upfront planning work, through the recording and post production processes we were impressed at each step of the way. And of course the proof is in the pudding – the end products have blown us away each time they were delivered. Top marks for Roz and Lee.
Duane Bender, Mohawk College Applied Research

Mohawk College

Promotional Documentary & Vignette Series

iDeaWORKS is a Mohawk College incubation space for the tech, medical and advanced manufacturing sectors. To promote the iDeaWORKS program, Double Barrel was commissioned to produce four videos; one program overview video and three vignettes that focussed on businesses who have used the services iDeaWORKS provides.

iDeaWORKS is a research and innovation centre, where Mohawk staff, students and faculty collaborate with industry partners to research, design, develop, test, and commercialize new products and technologies. Projects span a range of sectors, but specialize in three areas: eHealth and mHealth, Energy Technologies, and Advanced Materials.

To tell the story of this wide ranging organization we interviewed faculty leaders, students and mentor businesses, combining a documentary style approach with a broadcast journalism sensibility.
By incorporating vignette style stories of companies and students who are utilizing the iDeaWORKS program, we were able to reach out to multiple potential audiences – government funders, businesses and students alike. The end result was four fantastic pieces that successfully highlighted the great work iDeaWORKS is doing in a fast-paced, entertaining way.

We were thrilled to be a part of this project – thanks to Mohawk College for bringing us on board!

Project Date

March 2013

Video Length

4 videos, 2 to 6 minutes


Promotional Documentary & Vignette Series



Target Audience

Potential students, government agencies, small businesses & funders