St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

13-part Educational Series

One of Double Barrel’s most ambitious projects to-date – this 13-part online educational series for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton had one goal in mind: to assuage the worries of expectant parents.

When we were first approached about producing an online series that focussed on maternal health, our biggest concern was that the videos would look too forced and stiff. Often times these types of pieces will be created with actors and end up feeling informative but not necessarily ‘real’. It was of the utmost importance to the communications team at St. Joe’s and to us at Double Barrel that these vignettes show real people in real situations.

Thankfully we had an amazing in-house production manager who worked tirelessly to get approvals from all kinds of families – expectant parents and those celebrating their new arrivals. This allowed us to gather the footage we needed in documentary style, while not being overly intrusive. Production at it’s finest!

To view the video series on the St. Joe’s Site visit their Womens’ & Infants Unit page.

Many thanks to Ann Douglas (The Mother of All Baby Books) for lending her writing talents to this project – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Project Date

April 2013

Video Length

2 - 4 minutes


Educational Documentary Series



Target Audience

Expectant Families

Production Team

Roz Allen - Director
Lee Hillman - Producer
Tyler Tekatch - DOP
Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay - Editor
Ann Douglas - Writer
Louis Wesolowsky - Animator