Double Barrel Studios

How We Work Our Magic

Our Process

A Great Product Comes From A Great Process

At Double Barrel, it’s our job to take complex messaging and distill it down into creative, entertaining and informative video content that will engage the audience you want to connect with.

STEP ONE: Discovery

On Day One of your project, we will hold a Project Kickoff meeting. This is the time for your communications team to meet with our producer, writer and director to outline communication objectives & deadlines. We will also determine your “must haves” and “must hears” in terms of footage that must be gathered, interviewees that must be featured, quotes, features and/or selling points your audience must hear in the finished piece. It is critical that all stakeholders from your team are present to offer input and direction at this stage of the project.

STEP TWO: Script/Storyboard/Outline

From direction given in the Project Kickoff meeting, our writer will draft a first script, or in the case of a documentary-style project an outline, for your review. You will have two rounds of revisions to this document. With your input, our writer will ensure the script or outline for your video is clearly defined. Once the script or outline have been signed off on by your team, we will move into storyboarding and casting (commercial projects) or pre-interview (documentary projects) phase of your project. Here, we further refine the creative visual treatment or story structure for your video.

STEP THREE: Co-ordinate

There are many logistical details involved with filming that you would never consider if you haven’t been on a set. This is why one of the most important services we provide at Double Barrel is shoot co-ordination. You are free to be as involved or uninvolved as you like at this stage. Our Production Assistant will secure times with actors, interviewees, locations and your team, organizing every last detail of your shoot day so you don’t have to. This will ensure filming goes as seamlessly as possible. Crew will also be booked and locations scouted to ensure their suitability for filming.


The big day has finally arrived! You’ll be surprised at how fast the day (or days) fly by. Sit back, relax and enjoy your day hanging out with Team Double Barrel!


Heading into the edit, there are several assets that we will need to collect in order to ensure a timely and organized delivery of the final product. This usually means logos, graphics, fonts, and colours associated with your brand, but could also be extended to product photos, historical footage, still photos or specific music that you’re supplying. Our Production Assistant will be in touch to secure delivery of these assets to our editor. Once all have been gathered, it’s time to make some magic in the edit suite!

STEP SIX: Iterate/Perfect

We’ve reached the finish line! At this point you will receive the first cut of your video to review with your team. You will have two rounds of revisions, within which changes can be made to ensure the final video is exactly as you envisioned it at the outset. We currently use the software platform Wipster which allows for collaborative revision and ensures comments are dealt with in a timely fashion.

STEP SEVEN: That’s a Wrap!

We deliver your finished video on a USB drive as well as provide digital download through the Wipster site. You’re all set!