Double Barrel Studios

How We Work Our Magic

Our Process

At Double Barrel, it’s our job to take complex messaging and distill it down into creative, entertaining and informative video content that will engage the audience you want to connect with.

We employ a 7-step, film inspired production process to ensure each project is delivered on time and on budget with all objectives met in terms of messaging, style and branding. Our Double Barrel mantra is keep the audience entertained while they’re being enlightened.

Step 1: Development

We meet with our client, flesh out the objectives for the video, target audience, messaging and timeframe for final delivery. After subsequent research, we create an original approach that will become the unique signature of your video campaign.

Step 2: Casting

Deciding who will appear on camera is a tricky process. At Double Barrel, we are lucky to have worked with some of Canada’s top talent and are ready and able to guide your organization’s leaders into on-camera pros. Personality and enthusiasm are a must!

Step 3: Shooting Script

All background research is now compiled to create a comprehensive shooting script that will communicate how the video will look and sound from beginning to end. Upon your approval, we’re ready to begin production!

Step 4 – Scheduling

We scout and secure locations and establish our filming schedule.

Step 5 – Filming

Double Barrel prides ourselves on capturing footage with depth and visually stunning style. We employ a small talented crew (Producer, Director, DOP/Cinematographer, 2nd Camera Operator, Sound Recordist, Hair/Makeup) of industry professionals to achieve maximum production value with minimum disruption in each location we’re filming in. We only have one objective: to create a dynamic, stylistic video that both informs and entertains your target audience.

Step 6 – Post-Production

Our post-production process allows for quick turnaround with maximum quality control. During this final phase of production you will have the chance to review your project and give three sets of notes – one after each cut has been delivered to you.  Once final changes have been determined, we create the fine cut.

Step 7 – Branding Package and Final Cut

Double Barrel Studios will create a custom branding package for our clients that includes animated logos, motion graphics and on-screen titles. The final cut is created with all branding materials and licenced music incorporated. Once approved, the final cut is exported into the desired format and ready for online or broadcast release. Further, Double Barrel Studios can help promote the video online with a custom distribution strategy.