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Financial Plan Explainer Video

The City of Burlington is regarded as one of the best financially managed cities in Canada. So when it came time for them to present their financial strategy to residents, it was important that the approach was accurate and engaging.

This presents a real challenge to any marketing team. How do you make municipal government financial management interesting? You use humour, of course!

Produced and directed in beloved RSA Animate style, this 4:28 video looks simple but took hours to produce. It was the creative collaboration of a rockstar team. Sketched by Pamela Hubbard, written by Wayne MacPhail, voiced by Paul Benedetti & animated by Louis Wesolowsky, we drafted and redrafted the script to be clever and inclusive, ultimately filming the entire sequence against a whiteboard in our new studio space on King William.

From there, iPad sketches and sound effects were incorporated at just the right moment to make certain frames really POP.

We’re thrilled with the results. And we think Burlington residents will be, too.

Thanks City of Burlington for involving us in such a great project!