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For Hamilton Chamber of Commerce in the style of The Documentary

If you ask anyone what words come to mind when you say “Hamilton”.  The answer is likely to be “Steeltown”.  And while Hamiltonians are proud of their historical roots, a very small part of Hamilton’s economy is from steel.

The New Hamilton is a major centre for education and research.  Especially in the healthcare industry.  The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce asked Double Barrel Studios to produce a video with one goal in mind: to introduce healthcare industry businesses to the people, places, hospitals, research centres and business support services that will help their businesses succeed in “The Ambitious City”.

We were thrilled that the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce asked us to produce this video for them. We were excited about the stories we were discovering.  And because Double Barrel Studios is located in Hamilton and we love our city, having the opportunity to tell people why this is such a great place was a job we really enjoyed.   We learned so much about our city that we didn’t know!

There are so many stories in Hamilton which we wanted healthcare businesses to see.  So many people, so many interesting research projects and organizations. We decided to produce a mini-doc with a relaxed pace – we wanted our viewers to feel like they’re taking a tour. From hospital operating rooms to schools, trails and general Hamilton lifestyle imagery, the final video is an all-encompassing look at the people, places & faces that make Hamilton’s healthcare industry one-of-a-kind.

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