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Dynaplas is a precision injection moulder of high-temperature resins primarily for the automotive market. Focusing in on H20 Paddles, a sister division of Dynaplas which builds kayak paddles! In paddle production, it’s all comes down to allowing the molten plastic to solidify properly. The challenge is that it’s slowing down the overall cycle time.

At the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre at Mohawk College, they offer a range of support for companies like Dynaplas. They provide a test bed to develop new products and processes using DMLS technology (metal 3D printing). The students & staff created a metal insert that cools the paddles quicker, in order to increase cycle time!

It’s an incredible opportunity for students to work with industry leaders and explore new technology while giving Dynaplas the ability to work in more of a ‘trial and error’ environment with access to their state of the art equipment. A collaboration that truly encouraged both parties to expand their knowledge base!

Double Barrel wanted to hear both sides of the story. We had the opportunity to visit the AMRC lab to watch the students work their magic and to speak to the project managers regarding the partnership with Dynaplas and all of its amazing benefits. Following that, we took a trip out to Dynaplas to see first hand how the work that was done at Mohawk College has benefited their team.

As a result, we created a well rounded ‘Full Story’ for Mohawk College, really highlighting the amazing work that they do and the role that these students already play in such a massive industry.

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