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A post secondary graduate level education in the 21st century goes far beyond learning accounting and marketing. It’s about risk-taking, it’s about flexibility. It’s about thinking on your feet and learning how to adapt in a rapidly changing world where borders between nations are constantly breaking down.

We were asked to create a promotional documentary about McMaster’s MBA program to explore the unique style of learning at the campus, the teaching philosophy and student life.

The video is intended to provide an introduction to McMaster’s MBA program, exploring all aspects of the student experience in the sparkling new LEED certified Ron Joyce Centre in Burlington, Ontario.

At the Ron Joyce Centre, the form and function of the building works together with the educational philosophy. It was a beautiful building to shoot … lots of light, interesting art work on the walls. And even more important, learning spaces which advance the academic philosophy of experiential learning.

One of the most important choices was to involve MBA students as on camera talent. Our host was an MBA student, coached and prepared by Double Barrel Studios staff. Though she didn’t have on camera experience before working with us, she looked like a seasoned pro (especially in the staircase shots .. not easy to walk down a staircase in high heels while remembering lines!)

The video was done in documentary style, incorporating multiple voices – student leaders and faculty who talked about why they chose or why prospective students should choose the Degroote MBA Program. The script was written in a way which demonstrated the many facets of a Degroote Business School education – academic excellence combined with a lively and fun social environment.

Thank you to McMaster’s MBA program for having us along!

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