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For Halton District School Board in the style of The Documentary

For teachers, talking about mental health with their students can be a seemingly uphill task. Oftentimes, kids suffer and keep their struggles hidden for far too long – and by the time they finally ask for help, it’s much harder to intervene.

Many teachers want to reach out and help students that struggle with depression and other mental health challenges, but lack the skills to do so.

The Halton District School Board is progressive in their approach to student mental health. When they came to us with the important task of creating a series of videos that would raise awareness amongst teachers of the mental health warning signs and services that they offer to students in the district – it was a challenge that we took very seriously.

“Mental health and well-being is everyone’s responsibility and requires a whole-school and community approach,” says David Euale, Director of Education for the Halton District School Board. “We know positive mental health and student achievement are closely connected. We hope this video helps to create awareness of mental health issues and an environment that supports our students to succeed.”

“This project was compelling to us because it was a chance to collaborate with drama students from the HDSB, all of whom were eager to participate, and to work with a school board that wanted to open up the conversation about mental health,” says Double Barrel’s Roslyn Mugford. “The stigma regarding mental health is something that our society as a whole needs to break down, and the HDSB is taking the necessary steps to do that in their schools.”

Marnie Denton, Manager of Communication for the HDSB, had this to say about working with us ~ “Double Barrel Studios found a creative way to present the topic of Mental Health awareness for us. They took all our information and distilled it down to the essential points that needed to be communicated. From our first meeting to the final edits it was a pleasure to work with their team.”

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