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We’ve refreshed our brand!


From my early days working for CBC Radio in Kelowna, BC to the very first day of Double Barrel Studio’s existence and now in our 6th year of business, my work has always been in service of the story.

To use whatever medium was available to convey something honest and interesting, and do it in an unexpected way. I saw too many good stories not get their chance with their audiences because they couldn’t capture their attention for long enough. I believed video production needed a renegade, and I would be that shooter.

And that’s what my team did. For years Double Barrel has become known for creating big narratives out of our clients’ needs and doing so in unexpected ways.

This became our brand. A bit rebellious, and a bit of shooting from the hip to get the best creative out of any project. Our creative spirit was embodied in our logo; red, rugged and with cross-hairs focused on the prize. Our identity served us well; we worked with great clients, attracted a passionate crew, and we made great video.

But every story needs it’s second act, and this is ours.

Introducing our shiny new Double Barrel brand and >website! We’ve cleaned up around the edges, replaced the renegade’s crosshairs with the artist’s viewfinder, but our essence is still there in distinctive typography and a bold colour palette. Our website has been updated to include all 250 videos from the past 6 years sorted by industry and style for easier browsing. The biggest change though is our tagline, which speaks to the work we’ve done since day one and how we are taking our clients into the future.

Expand Your Story represents our strategy in two ways; first, how we’ve always considered every element of video production such as sound, lighting, script, editing, and colour as an opportunity to add more richness to the narrative. That’s nothing new to us and that’s not changing. But remember that noisy, messy content generating world out there? The second part of Expand Your Story is what cuts through that nonsense and gets our clients heard.

Brands are not only a reflection of their companies but of their clients too. So in sharing this exciting news with you, I also have you to thank. Every narrative we’ve told together has helped shape Double Barrel into what you see today. When I look at that logo, I don’t just see the business that I’ve built – I see my crew, my partner and you. It’s been a great story so far, and I can’t wait for us to write what’s next!

Sparkling Wine, Oysters & Sabres, oh my!

Ever wondered how all those bubbles get bottled up in your favourite sparkling wine?

Quick answer: it ain’t carbonation.

Come behind-the-barrel as Daniel Speck (Henry of Pelham Winery) shows us the makings of their top-tier sparkling wine, the ‘Cuvee Catherine’.

From there it’s time to pair with The Coach House Cafe’s Eric Peacock. This match-made-in-heaven? Fresh oysters, of course… but how to shuck? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Sommelier Andrew Brooks (Crush on Niagara Wine Tours) is our guide as we explore Niagara’s most amazing vineyards with the entrepreneurs and chefs who call them home. Come check out this episode of Crush on Niagara.

Double Barrel launches first Original Online Series

Woot! Double Barrel is excited to announce the LAUNCH of our very first ORIGINAL ONLINE SERIES – ‘Crush on Niagara’. Created in partnership with sommelier Andrew Brooks and Crush on Niagara Wine Tours – this series goes behind-the-vines, introducing you to the people and places that make up one of Canada’s most beautiful and prolific winemaking regions.

Thank you to everyone for their hard work on this project!

Field videography by Ty Tekatch & Lee R. Hillman, editing by Jeff Fowler, graphics by Lee Skinner & location sound by Victoria Fenner – colour correction by Walter Grabowski. Production assistance & hosting by Andrew Brooks of Crush on Niagara Wine Tours. And thank you to the folks from Featherstone Estate Winery!