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Behind The Scenes of 2016: A Year in Pictures with Double Barrel

by: Clayton Burns

Over the years, Double Barrel Studios has had the pleasure of working with many different clients producing many different styles of video content. Everything from healthcare and education to top national brands and non-profit local organizations. We have the luxury of working with individuals from all walks of life and learning about different interests and perspectives.

Personally I have been with Double Barrel for just over a year now, and even with my extensive experience in television and film production, I have never experienced anything quite like this before. It’s been a privilege visiting many organizations, not only in our city of Hamilton but also across Canada! I have learned a lot, grown a lot, laughed a lot and taken a ton of photos!

Of course, every project has a ton of pre-production planning, coordinating and location scouting that takes place before we even roll camera. Without flooding your Instagram feeds we aren’t able to share everything! I thought it would be fun to share some never before seen photos from our various sets and adventures in 2016!

We always have the best time while working on these projects with you guys, as you can tell! 2016 was a fantastic year for us & we are so looking forward to all of the amazing photos we will share in 2017.

PROJECT LAUNCH: Hamilton Family Health Team

There’s something so special about telling the story of an team that really goes out of its way to care for people. There’s a genuineness, a depth of character that the camera seems to magnify.. and it’s always a beautiful thing.

At Double Barrel, we’ve been lucky to create content for a variety of healthcare organizations. In all honesty, its one of our favourite industries to work with.

We met the Hamilton Family Health Team in the middle of May. They were in need of a mandate-driven video – one that would set the tone for a series of visioning exercises at this year’s AGM.

Under tight timelines we dove quickly into the project, filming at numerous locations around the city to showcase the breadth of the Health Team’s work. From mental health running groups for teenagers to cooking classes for diabetics, to film therapy classes for the general public. We documented as much as we could in the few days that we had, knowing that it would be impossible to show every facet of the impact the Hamilton Family Health Team has on our community.

Ultimately, this piece hit its mark, showcasing the diversity of approach and the warmth of the organization. It’s a video that everyone is wonderfully proud of – and from what we hear – went off smashingly at the AGM!

Thanks so much to the team at HFHT for allowing us to peek behind the curtain, it was our pleasure to shed some light on your fantastic organization.