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Service Commercial Series

Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart – any entrepreneur can tell you that. And when the going gets tough, Deloitte Canada is often a CEO’s first stop for advice and assistance with obstacles that are standing in the way of success.

Over the past year we’ve worked with Deloitte’s Toronto-based team, creating a short & snappy suite of commercials that highlight their service offerings. They’ve officially launched and we’re so thrilled to finally be able to share them! Enjoy!

Small Business Story

Most of us can easily describe our hopes and dreams for the future. For some, it’s a big happy family. For others, a bustling, successful business. Still for others, it’s an exercise in simplicity, maybe just a satisfying work life with a vacation home by the beach.

No matter the goals and dreams you may have – one thing is certain. You will need a rock-solid plan to achieve them.

No-one knows this better than Burlington CGA & financial advisor Tim Miron. He calls this ‘building your empire.’ And he passionately believes that the key to unlocking your life’s goals rests on searching out your deepest motivations, then clearly plotting the steps to fulfill them.  

When Tim asked Double Barrel to assist him in putting together a video showcasing his new passion project “Igniting Empires,” we couldn’t have been more stoked. Bringing 14 years of experience in personal finance and taxation to the table, Tim has created a workshop & coaching series which will offer the financial planning strategies and visioning methodologies you need to turn your dreams into a reality.

At Double Barrel we’ve personally benefitted from the knowledge and advice Tim brings to the table, and we’re so excited to participate in the launch of this video, and his next chapter! Congratulations Tim!