News, project launches and thoughts from our team.

Event Recap

EXT: Convocation day – University of Toronto campus. Everywhere you turn, happy parents are hugging capped graduates holding framed diplomas. Tears flow freely. The culmination of such a huge amount of time & effort is a glorious day, indeed.

U of T Engineering wanted to capture this day and create a video that would highlight the international nature of the student body, a mix that mirrored the diversity of Toronto itself. They wanted to demonstrate the pride, sacrifice and pleasure parents experience when their son or daughter graduates from U of T Engineering – to have those watching the video imagine themselves in each parents’ spot.

For this project we melded the flexibility of a news crew with the cinematic style of film. Shot as graduation was unfolding – and with only one day to capture all the footage – we had two separate teams capture the action. One focussed solely on interviews from our outdoor studio while the other took the time to establish location and set up more complex shots, such as inside Convocation Hall as students lined up and prepared for their cross-campus march.

As recruitment of university and college students becomes ever-more sophisticated and competitive, it’s important that University faculty come up with increasingly creative ways to reach potential students. Most are using video as a tool because it allows prospective students to get a feel for the campus they are considering – and video is also a perfect tool to establish an emotional connection.

All in all, it was one of the most fun and challenging shoots that Double Barrel has ever done. Thanks to U of T for letting us be a part!

Small Business Story

Catherine Farquharson is one of Toronto’s finest photographers. Her website and brand were undergoing a revamp, and like many small businesses she decided that a video would be helpful for introducing herself to new clients.

With a wide portfolio ranging from weddings to non-profit projects abroad, it was a creative challenge to come up with an approach that would be all-encompassing. We needed to tell the story of Cath and her work – but not be so broad that her message would get lost. After many conversations about the actual tone and feel of her video piece, we decided on a self-narrated documentary style.

Filming took place on location at a wedding near Owen Sound and in Cath’s Bloor Street studio with a few of her clients. Incorporation of some of her favourite photo pieces speaks to, and showcases the quality of her work, while capturing Cath in her element shows potential clients what she is like to work with in the field. The lighthearted acoustic guitar based piece by Dan Hood  is a perfect fit. Genuine, tinged with a slight sense of reflection, expressing hope & poignant gratitude.

These visual and musical elements combined with the personal, self-narrated storytelling style work beautifully together to show off the essence of this exceptional photographer’s work and her brand.

We’re so thrilled with the final piece and know that Cath is too! Thanks for having us along Miss Documentographer!

30 Second Broadcast & Theatrical Commercial

Engineering is the invisible thread that holds so much of our day-to-day lives together. And when it comes to getting teens excited about a STEM career – it pays to reveal just a bit of the science behind their everyday experiences.

We set out in October of 2014 to create a 30 second broadcast commercial that did just that. Using skateboarding as our metaphor – and an extreme slow motion camera – we aimed to capture the forces of friction, momentum and gravity.

The end result is something we’re all so proud of​. Screened in theatres from Hamilton to Toronto (in IMAX no less!) and also in Calgary, we hear this piece is on its way to theatres in Hong Kong!

Many thanks to our amazing crew, as always. Shot in slow-mo by Ty Tekatch and Christoph Benfey, with animation assistance from Antenna Visual Communication. Edited by Taylor Heres. Starring skateboarding superstar Alishia Stevens. Many thanks to New Line Skateparks for allowing us to shoot at their construction site in Oshweken, Ontario!!

Commercial Trailer

For the past few months, Double Barrel has been working alongside the DeGroote School of Business – McMaster University, helping them add some video to their fantastic new brand campaign, ‘Education With Purpose.’

Our resulting piece ~ this 1:40 cinematic trailer ~ premiered at their Accolades event last week in Toronto, before an audience of distinguished partners and alumni.

Shot by Tyler Tekatch, music composed by Sasha Szlafarski, script by Kitestring’s Holly Gibson, edited by Taylor Heres, audio mixing & mastering by Hive Studios, cameo by Kristel Bulthuis. Proof that it really does take a village to make something great.

Thanks everyone!