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Roslyn Mugford

Creative director & CEO Roslyn Mugford has been working for over 15 years in broadcast television, documentary and digital video production with major Canadian networks & organizations. Since launching Double Barrel in 2012, she has produced hundreds of videos for businesses and organizations of all sizes to creatively deliver their stories from script to screen.

Roz has extensive skills both in front of and behind the camera, having written, produced, directed and hosted her own magazine, radio and television content since 2002. Throughout her career she has consistently been at the leading edge of content and technology. In 2010, she was hired as the only female producer on the award-winning CTV Olympic Digital Team in Vancouver, creating online streamable content for the network when Netflix was just a twinkle in their CEO’s eye.

Since launching Double Barrel in 2012, Roz has led her team in the creation of hundreds of videos for companies and organizations of all sizes and across all industries, in styles ranging from comedy to documentary. Whether it’s education or business, healthcare or manufacturing, consumer-facing or non-profit – Roz’s depth of experience allows her to to speak the language of any industry while keeping a sharp eye on the audience to ensure your message is delivered.